In Ireland during the month of December the average temperature is around 7 degrees with approximately 23 days rainfall expected. Therefore it is essential to dress appropriately when you are joining us at Croke Park for Stars, Choirs & Carols.

It is recommended, as with any outdoor activity, to wear a number of layers of clothing – layering has the advantage of trapping air between the layers keeping you warm or removing a layer if you happen to be too warm!

Inner layers should be light breathable fabrics eg merino wool thermals, light fleece jumpers, outer layers should be thicker fleece fabric covered by a breathable waterproof jacket preferably with a hood.

It is not recommended to wear jeans as they retain water when wet. It is also advisable to wear thermal leggings under trousers and where possible and to wear waterproof leggings as an outer shell.

Umbrellas will not be allowed so ensure you have suitable waterproof headgear and of course don’t forget your gloves & a scarf to keep your vocal cords warm.

**Top Tip** Gel reusable Heat Pack Hand Warmers are really effective & are readily available at most sport shops