charity1The Sanctuary, a non-profit organisation founded by Sr. Stanisalus Kennedy in 1998, is situated in the heart of Dublin city.  It is an interspirituality meditation centre, open to the wisdom of all the great sacred world traditions and the world of science and education.  While the Sanctuary was born out of the Christian tradition it is a centre, where the insights, values and spiritual practices of various religions and their application to one’s inner life and development are taught, shared and discussed.

It is a place of great peace and tranquillity, a place to stop, to catch ones breath and listen to the small gentle voice within. It is a place of meditation that speaks to our search for the deeper meaning in life.

The vision of the Sanctuary is “to be…STILLNESS…in the world…” While its Mission is to develop and provide opportunities for individuals and groups to explore their inner wisdom and spirit, to find stillness, live harmonious and balanced lives, and to work towards the building of a caring, inclusive and fair society.

The Sanctuary works with individuals and groups from a range of backgrounds and fields. With dedicated programmes both onsite and offsite; for young people, schools and out of schools settings: Adult programmes for community groups and services; Training programmes and international associations with centres of excellence and annual Conferences and events and courses and workshops for individuals, the Sanctuary is for everyone.